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Notice on the Adjustment of Requirements for Chinese Visa Application
2023-01-10 00:39

As from now on, the Chinese Embassy in Latvia will adopt the following new requirements for Chinese visa application.

1.Visa Types and Basic Documents

2. General Documents

a. Passport (The remaining validity must be more than 6 months with at least 1 blank visa page)

b. Visa Application Form and photo

c. Proof of Residence (For non-Latvian citizens)

3. Please log on to https://cova.mfa.gov.cn to fill out the form online and come to the Embassy by appointment.

4. Other types of visa applications are not processed.

5. Foreigners who subject to mutual visa exemption agreements, or holding valid APEC Business Travel Cards  (Virtual ABTC excepted), all kinds of valid residence permits, valid foreign permanent resident permit ID card are allowed to enter the Mainland of China with no need to apply for new visas.

Annex 1 Contents of S1, S2, Q1, Q2 Visa Invitation Letter

Invitee’s name XX, gender X, date of birth: XX, Chinese ID number XXX (or foreign passport number XX, Chinese permanent residence card number XX), current address in China is XX, contact phone number XX, email XX.

I hereby invite the following relatives to visit China for a short-term visit/long-term residence. He/She plans to go to China on XX, and stay in China for XX days.

Invitee information: name XX, gender X, date of birth XX, nationality XX, passport number XX, and the relativ

e relationship with the invitee is XX.

Invitee's signature:       


Annex 2 Contents of M and F Visa Invitation Letter

(1) Personal information of the invitee: name, gender, date of birth, passport number, etc.

(2) Information about the invitee’s visit to China: reason for coming to China, date of arrival and departure, place of visit, relationship with the inviting unit or invitee, who will pay for the travel, etc.

(3) Inviting party information: inviting party name, address, telephone number, official seal, legal representative or invitee’s signature, date, etc. (the information must be included in the text of the invitation letter)

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